The Importance of the Client Briefing with the Recruitment Consultant.

It is well known that finding the right candidate for the right position proves to be difficult in times of a shortage of skilled workers. Only when all of the HR Recruiting Manager’s and Hiring Manager’s own recruiting efforts have failed to achieve their goals, it will be decided to consult an expert recruiter. Until then, however, valuable time has passed.

Very good knowledge of the industry, a high level of consulting competencies, an understanding of customer needs and of the requirement profile are factors relevant to success for a trust-building cooperation between the recruitment consultant, the line manager and the HR recruiting manager. And this begins even before cooperation – with the briefing. The better mutual trust can be built up, the more open communication becomes and the faster a position can be filled successfully. Long-term cooperation between the recruitment consultant and the client supports the recruitment success.

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Charles Jean Quensel, General Manager HCCM® AG