Generation Z – The new challenge in recruiting talents and executives. A new cooperation of HCCM® AG with the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, FHNW, Basel

In order to achieve a competitive advantage, a needs-oriented employee acquisition is essential for the recruitment of specialists and managers. While many companies are still integrating Generation Y into their working processes, the next generation is already entering the working environment: The Generation Z.

This Generation Z is the first one to grow up completely with digitalization. Generation Z has a completely different way of thinking and represents different, non-traditional values. She prefers the strict separation of job and private life and lives in the here and now.

The following questions are crucial:

  • What are the companies’ future recruitment methods and tools in relation to Generation Z?
  • How do companies reach Generation Z candidates?
  • Which recruitment methods do attract Generation Z candidates?
  • How and through which channels would Generation Z candidates like to be addressed?

Two students of the FHNW Basel will be intensively engaged with these questions in the context of their bachelor thesis with the aim of providing support for the successful recruitment of specialists and executives from the Generation Z.

Mrs. Yasmine Herzog and Mr. Philipp Fuchs will analyze the generation Z on behalf of HCCM® AG and the new challenge in the recruitment of talents and specialists. At the end, they will conduct an online Generation Z-survey and a personal or an online survey of HCCM® AG customers.

The two Bachelor students are supported by Mr. Bernhard Stutz, lecturer at the FHNW and Mrs. Michaela Tröndlin, Senior Consultant HCCM® AG and Project Manager.

We look forward to working with the students and will of course be happy to inform you about the results.

Best regards.


Charles Quensel, General Manager

Michaela Tröndlin, Senior Consultant